My vision is to generate a practical, down to earth, digestible, but also stimulating way of sharing knowledge between social professionals who work in caring, protection and safeguarding services.


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My name is Debbie Amas and I am a social worker with over 25 years experience working with vulnerable children and adults. I also have 10 years experience of being a senior lecturer in social work. I am a independent social work consultant and practitioner currently completing a PhD in social work on a scholarship programme in Australia. On this website you can find details of my research, browse my blog and find out more about the services I offer as an independent consultant practitioner.

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Case Work

Is case load weighting helpful? Or might a better measure be the quality of "case work"? For many years now arguments about the number of cases social workers should hold has raged. A recently publish...
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Social Work and Magic

As social professionals we work with nuanced skills that are difficult to explain or recognise. There is something that happens which social professionals might understand as being more than the sum o...
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In 2011 I had the honour of meeting a very special man by the name of Terry O’Neill. Terry’s brother, Dennis was killed by his foster carers in 1945. If you are in Child Protection you may be fami...
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About Me

Who am I? I am a 57 year old mother of two. I qualified as a social worker just as my first daugh...

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I’ve been interested in ‘self’ as an aspect of social work for many years. In 2014 I completed...

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Articles: Amas, D. (2012). We all love playing in the sand! Using sand play therapy in critical ref...