My vision is to generate a practical, down to earth, digestible, but also stimulating way of sharing knowledge between social professionals who work in caring, protection and safeguarding services.

This site aims to generate discussions that support all social work and colleague social and health care professionals in thinking about what it means to be working in social care in the twenty first century.

I have a rewarding and enriching career as a social worker and social work educator which I love. I recognise the extraordinary range of skills that are expected of todays students, social work professionals and health and care professionals in complex, multifaceted organisations. We are social professionals who use our diverse knowledge and skills to work alongside each other.

What is different about this arena:

I have an interest and committment to what Jan Horwath called the 'Professional Domain' (Horwath, 2007, p.1285). Such a domain in her view deals with the more personal aspects and feelings generated by our work. This resonates with social professionalism that is human and which shares values within relational, creative, intutive and critical reflexivity. Our evidence base, knowledge and research is critically valuable within this to create more understanding of the combination of hard and soft skills we use in our work. My research is interested in the perceptions social professionals in education, management and practice have about the use of self in practice.

Horwath, J. (2007). The missing assessment domain: Personal, professional and organizational factors influencing professional judgements when identifying and referring child neglect. British Journal of Social Work, 37(8), 1285-1303.

Committed to:

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